25 Mar 2023

New Recruiting Process Saves Time and Improves Efficiencies

An Interview with 1st Lt. Guillermo Sadir, Branch Chief, GSDF Recruiting

25 Mar 2023 - Staff

Interview by Capt. Beverly Shepard, Branch Chief, GSDF Public Affairs Office

A lot of has changed for the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) recruiting section of Training and Doctrine Command. For example, orientation sessions for potential candidates used to occur in person only. Since 2020, orientations sessions have been virtual. This change has allowed potential candidates the convenience of learning about the GSDF—from their computer screens—free of parking pains and traffic snarls.

Scan and Send: Another Change Comes to Recruiting

Previously, potential candidates had only one option—to mail in the paperwork for their application. That, too, has changed. GSDF potential candidates can now scan and send their applications via their smartphones.

Q1. What was the former process?

After the online orientation session, the potential candidate previously would complete an application and photocopy a form of identification.

Then, they would need to find a post office, buy an envelop and postage, and mail in the information.

This process presented numerous delays.

Q2. What is the new process?

Now, potential candidates can scan and send their applications via their smartphones (or scanners).

Q3. In what month did the new process begin?

The new process began in January 2023.

Potential candidates can still mail their applications, if they prefer.

However, many are opting to scan and send their applications instead.

The GSDF recruiting team has set a goal to receive most applications digitally by the end of 2023.

Q4. How did the idea come about?

1st Lt. Sadir and Staff Sgt. Badrinath Gandavadi comprise the GSDF recruiting team.

They wondered why so many candidates never sent in their application following the online orientation session. Was it the hassle of going to a post office? Was it the cost of mailing? Or was it mere procrastination?

They brainstormed and together, they came up with an idea to eliminate these barriers.

Q5. Scan and Send! How does that help?

Scanning helps the GSDF recruiting team process applications faster.

Potential candidates—some immediately after the orientation session, from the comfort of their chairs—scan and send! They no longer need to leave their house, drive to a post office, and pay for postage. Those who scan and send their applications save mailing costs and time. They save gas mileage, too.

The GSDF benefits, as well.

The recruiting team no longer needs to wait for applications to arrive via “snail mail.” Scan and send allows the recruiting team to receive the applications—the same day as the orientation session. Applications are ready to process for potential candidates who are ready to serve!