20 Sep 2021

Soldier Fulfills Lifelong Dream

Soldier Fulfills Lifelong Dream

20 Sep 2021 - Staff

Chaplain Candidate (CC) (2nd Lt.) Warren Wood (right, front row) stands with Georgia Army National Guard (GAARNG) CH (Lt. Col) Kevin Peek (left, front row) and Georgia State Defense Force Soldiers, Clay National Guard Center, Marietta, Ga., September 11, 2021. CC (2nd Lt.) Wood was sworn into the GAARNG with a direct commission to the U.S. Army Chaplain Candidate Program.
Georgia State Defense Force photo by Pfc. Taryn Evans

Georgia State Defense Force Chaplain Candidate Commissioned as Army National Guard Chaplain Candidate

Story by 2nd Lt. Beverly Shepard and Pfc. Taryn Evans
Photos by Pfc. Taryn Evans

Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) Chaplain Candidate (CC) (2nd Lt.) Warren Wood was recently commissioned into the Georgia Army National Guard (GAARNG), following his acceptance into the U. S. Army Chaplain Candidate Program.

The commission and program acceptance were significant career achievements for CC (2nd Lt) Wood. Yet, this pursuit began well before he started the program application process several months ago.

“My desire is to serve others in uniform as a military Chaplain,” CC (2nd Lt.) Wood said. “It has been a lifelong dream.”

GAARNG Chaplain (CH) (Lt. Col.) Kevin Peek delivered the oath to CC (2nd Lt.) Wood in September during a ceremony held in the historic chapel at Clay National Guard Center in Marietta, Ga. GAARNG Chaplains and Chaplain Candidates joined GSDF Soldiers in attending the ceremony.

“One of our mission tasks is to support the Georgia National Guard. That includes sending them our very best Chaplains to grow and strengthen their organization,” GSDF Deputy Command Chaplain CH (1st Lt). Jack Nieves said. “The heart of every Chaplain is to serve and provide emotional support to the Soldiers in their ranks. CC (2LT) Wood personifies that exact same spirit.”

GSDF 5th Brigade Soldiers Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Bayne and Warrant Officer 3 Howard Seay also attended. CC Wood had served in the Office of the Chaplain for the GSDF 5th Brigade.

“We are grateful for CC (2nd Lt.) Wood’s service to the GSDF and to the 5th Brigade,” said Warrant Officer 3 Seay, who accepted the honor of placing the U.S. Army branch tape on CC (2nd Lt.) Wood’s uniform as part of the ceremonial duties. “We wish him all the very best in his new journey.”

Parting Words

The U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School in Fort Jackson, S.C. serves as the main training base for Army Chaplains and religious affairs specialists. CC (2nd Lt.) Wood will take the Army’s Chaplain Basic Officer Leader Course.

CC (2nd Lt.) Wood is married and a father of three. He thanked his family for their support.

CC (2nd Lt.) Wood also had parting words for the GSDF.

“I want to say, ‘thank you,’ to the GSDF for giving me my first opportunity to serve the state of Georgia, and for giving me the tools that have empowered me to take this next step with an elevated altitude for success,” he said. “I am grateful for the GSDF’s unwavering support.”

CC (2nd Lt.) Wood Shared More with the GSDF Public Affairs Office

Chaplain Candidate Insignia

Q. Are you prior service?

A. No prior service. My father was a career Soldier in the U.S. Army. As I child, I traveled from post to post with my family.

. As a Chaplain Candidate, what duties have you performed?

A. I have provided crisis intervention as a certified instructional trainer instructor, as well as protestant services (communion, devotion, prayer, etc.). I also have provided a ministerial presence both GSDF and NG counterparts.

Q. Do you have other endeavors?

A. I am senior supervising Chaplain for the Florida Department of Corrections. I am in my senior year at Liberty University Seminary.

Q. What brought you to this pursuit?

A. I felt God was leading me to take the next step in serving this wonderful state and our country, when called upon.

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