03 Mar 2015

Marksmanship Competition: Mission Accomplished

GEORGIA GARRISON TRAINING CENTER, Fort Stewart, Georgia, February 25 – March 1, 2015, By 2LT Ted Burzynski – Soldiers from the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) provided support to the Georgia Army National Guard (GAARNG) Marksmanship Unit during the 2nd Annual Andrew Sullens Marksmanship Competition.

03 Mar 2015 - Staff

LTC Terry Barron recognizing PFC Jon Van Holm for his contributions for range safety and weapons management during the competition. (Photo by SSG Tracy J. Smith)

GSDF soldiers, serving alongside GAARNG soldiers, endured long, arduous, cold and wet days performing their duties flawlessly throughout the event serving as: Range Safety Officers, ammunition check point support, and target set up and maintenance. GSDF soldiers also worked in the range pit scoring targets.

At the conclusion of the event an awards ceremony was held. In attendance, was COL Thomas M. Carden, Jr., GAARNG Commander, and other distinguished guests. PFC Jon Van Holm was presented with a handmade knife and sheath for his exceptional service during the event. Hooah!

Left to Right: MAJ Don Lankford, PFC Jon Van Holm, SGT Christopher Lowry, SPC Thomas Willis, 2LT Jimmie Turner, 2LT Ted Burzynski, SGT Richard Wiggs, MSG Steve Scruggs, WO1 Todd Stansell, SSG Cindy Dunlap, PV2 Stephen Patterson. (Not Pictured: CPT Vadim Timchenko, PV2 Lonnie Curley)