04 Oct 2014

Successful Exercise at 2014 Annual Training

Successful Exercise at 2014 Annual Training

04 Oct 2014 - Staff

COMBAT READINESS TRAINING CENTER, Savannah, Georgia, October 4, 2014, “By 2LT Allan Hayes” - Nearly 400 members of the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) attended three days of Annual Training (AT) near Savannah Georgia during the first weekend of October.

GSDF members performed a Mass Casualty Triage and Transport Field Training Exercise (FTX) to maintain readiness to support response to natural disasters, according to Commanding Officer Brig. Gen. Tom Danielson. Training was coordinated with units of the Georgia Air National Guard (GANG).

The training scenario included about 50 simulated casualties from a natural disaster that had to be triaged in the field and then transported by fixed and rotary wing aircraft to base for further evaluation and treatment by GSDF with assistance from elements of the GANG.

Colonel Lou Coroso, Deputy Commander of the GSDF, said, “It’s our mission to make sure we’re ready for any contingency, and training events such as this help us identify the things we do well and those areas in which we can improve our readiness in order to better serve our state in the event of a real disaster; whether natural or man-made.”

The GSDF is one of three branches of the Georgia Department of Defense. Under the direction of Georgia’s Adjutant General, the GSDF mission is to provide an organized, trained, disciplined, rapid response volunteer force to assist state and local government agencies, and civil relief organizations in impending or actual emergencies to assure the welfare and safety of the citizens of Georgia.

Major General Thomas Moore, Commander of GANG and Chief Master Sergeant Joe Greene, State Command Chief, GANG observed the training as invited guests.

While addressing the final formation of AT, General Danielson praised the effort given by the troops during training and thanked them for their service. He reminded them that they must continue to train to a high standard and be “Ready To Serve”.

The Commanding General said AT went according to the Operations Plan and more importantly was conducted in a safe and efficient manner.