03 Nov 2013

GSDF Troops Get High Praise from BG John King

GSDF Troops Get High Praise from BG John King

03 Nov 2013 - Staff

GEORGIA GARRISON TRAINING CENTER, Hinesville, Georgia, November 3, 2013, By PFC Sharon Frame – GSDF troops know they serve without much fanfare. But at this year’s Annual Training (AT) they got a very public thank you.

BG John King, Director of the Georgia National Guard Joint Staff, made a surprise appearance at the winter AT to deliver a personal message. General King made deep tracks on a field trip to the SAR (Search and Rescue) training area and told the troops, “I appreciate you. You show up to find that lost child and respond to that natural disaster. And I appreciate it. What you are doing here is important.”

General King said “for the last twelve years the Georgia National Guard has been deployed to fight wars abroad. And it’s the loyal GSDF troops who have stepped in to pick up the slack and pick up the 911 calls, and loyally serve the local community.”

“Thank you for what you are doing. You’ll have no better wing man than me. You won’t get more of a fan and an advocate than me” General King said. The General assured the troops that he is working closely with GSDF BG Thomas Danielson to make sure the GSDF gets all the support it needs. One soldier later told General King, “It’s so good to know you have our back. Hooah!”

Photos by SSG Randy Pavlu.