19 Mar 2013

Third Battalion Field Training Exercise

The warm temperatures and mountainous terrain did not slow down training for members of the Third Battalion when they held a weekend-long Field Training Exercise (FTX) along with the rest of the First Brigade during their March drill.

19 Mar 2013 - Staff

SGT Guy McMillan takes notes as CPL Jason Austin attends to an ‘injured’ scout during the search and rescue exercise.


Soldiers were notified through their chain of command of the rally point. From there, they traveled by convoy to a park in Dawson County where a patrol base had been set up.

The FTX was to prepare soldiers with the skills they need to be ready for “mission events that they ultimately knew they could be called out to act upon,”said CPT Tony Scharringhausen, 3rd Battalion Executive Officer.

During the search and rescue exercise, the battalion broke down into squads in search of “lost Boy Scouts.” Once the victims were located, troopers were able to practice their first aid skills by appraising the situations to determine what methods were best suited for retrieving the lost scouts out of the woods and back to their camp.

The scenarios forced the squad members to work as a team and analyze how best to complete the scenario. It was a good chance for those troopers who have little experience with radio, pace count, the compass or a map to learn in a “hands-on” way. Each soldier not only gained confidence in their soldiering skills, but learned how to work together to succeed under challenging conditions.